Contact and Online PO Submission

Jetta is currently experiencing challenges receiving emails from our customers!  

The best way to reach us today is to call us at 800.288.7771.

We have been impacted by an internet outage that took down several major websites yesterday (Thursday, July 22nd).

If you have sent an email to our team between Thursday morning and now, there is a high likelihood we have not received it yet. Once our emails are flowing smoothly we will resume the excellent service levels and responsiveness you've come to expect from our team. 

In the meantime, your partner portal still has your pricing, lead times and order status information. 

And here are 4 easy ways to submit an order until email flows! 

  1. Use the form below
  2. Submit a fax to 405-348-9745
  3. Call us at 800-288-7771 to deliver the PO info verbally,
  4. Or call to request a mobile number where you can text an image!



You can contact us here or securely share your documents in the form below.


Online PO Submission