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Are you looking for a spa-like sanctuary of peace and tranquility? Do you need a a quiet place to relax and unwind?  Is the bathtub simply a part of your family's daily hygiene routine and nothing more?  Maybe you are considering a bathtub upgrade to improve your home's value? 

All of these are great answers and whether you need the best the market can provide in hydrotherapy technology, or simply a durable timeless solution to stay clean.

You deserve Jetta.



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A few considerations before you begin the journey of choosing your perfect bath. It’s okay to not know everything right now. This buyer’s guide will help to answer some of the questions you may have in order to find the bathtub that best fits YOU.  You might find your answers change as you cycle through them, consider sitting with your family and answering these questions together.

Questions to Ask - in no particular order


Are there limits to the size, space and plumbing in your space? 
There likely are plumbing considerations if you a
re you remodeling your master bath or just replacing an old bath in your guest spaces.

Are you building a new home?
If so, it's possible that the sky is the limti!  Your builder should be able to outline your limits based on the floor plan you have selected. Your builder can share important information with you to help you understand your space. You need to know if your space will accomodate a center drain or an end drain tub.  You need to communicate your hydrotherapy goals to your builder and plumber so that they can take that into account as they prepare electricity and plumbing access.


How tall is the primary bath taker in your home? Are there any ailments or special space requirements? Will one or two people be using this bath at once? Is mobility an issue to consider when choosing tub height? 


Are you looking for a spa-like experience? Is this your quiet place to unwind? Just need a daily soak? A respite for sore muscles? A place to clean children or pets? Is the bathtub simply a part of your daily hygiene routine and nothing more?  Is the goal to improve your home's value with a cosmetic or premium upgrade?   How you use your bathtub will help you decide what features you choose, and will tell you if your tub should be a system tub or a soaker. 




An alcove bathtub is an excellent choice for many secondary bathrooms because of its easy installation and general fit with most bathroom designs. Alcove bathtubs also give homeowners the option of creating a tub-shower combination, with a design that naturally maximizes small spaces.

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Drop-in tubs are made of an acrylic shell fitted inside a framed enclosure that can be finished to match bathroom cabinets or tiles. Drop-in tubs feature a raised rim along the top, making them a favorite for those who enjoy long soaks in deeper water, and often these models have contoured neck rests. For added indulgence, drop-in tubs offer a wide variety of hydrotherapy options.

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Many consider freestanding tubs the pinnace of form-follows-function design, with their trademark sleek lines and bold shapes. For those who prefer a clean, contemporary style without compromising comfort, freestanding tubs deliver – with deep bathing wells, angled backrests and showstopping looks.  Many freestanding bathtubs are available with Air hydrotherapy.

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Undermount installations are installed beneath a rim or solid surface.  The surrounding deck or area is covered and the bathtub itself is supported by the floor structure underneath. This is actually very similar to a drop-in bathtub, except that a drop-in is placed above the rim, whereas an undermount is installed beneath, opening up lots of creative opportunities to design a surrounding deck that matches your bathroom’s aesthetic.  Many of Jetta's drop-in bathtubs are undermount friendly as well, and the hydrotherapy options are virtually identical.  

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Sometimes a home improvement can be a life improvement as well. When a walk-in tub is what you need, you can trust Jetta to deliver maximum safety and assurance along with all the luxurious extras. Plus, every walk-in tub we sell is ADA friendly and comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the shell, door and door seal so you can relax and know you’ve made a smart investment that’s an investment in your health as well.

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A therapeutic soak will leave your body and mind feeling refreshed and cleansed. Available in all of Jetta’s product lines, this is a classic hydrotherapy option for renewal, rejuvenation and total spa-like escape. 

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Whirlpool hydrotherapy works deep in your body’s tissues, relieving tight and sore muscles while promoting rejuvenation. Treat your back, shoulders, hips, legs and feet with strategic jet placement designed to your needs. Select from rotating back jets or Jetta’s exclusive directional jets. And if a sleek design is your priority, our Invisijet technology available on our Affinity product line, gives you the look and the luxury you need. 

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Surround yourself with effervescent air bubbles to calm your mind, relaxes nerves and gently quiet your entire body. Jetta’s balanced air flow system maintains even pressure in all injectors, ensuring a spa-like bathing experience with multiple modes that adjust to meet your needs or just suit your mood.

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When you want the relaxing indulgence of JettaAir and the rejuvenating invigoration of JettaWhirl all in one, this is the choice for you. Whirlpool jet stimulation combines with tingling air bubbles to create a truly best-of-both-worlds sensation. 

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We’ve taken the bathing experience to an entirely new level of comfort with JettaWARM – a surface heating system distributing radiant heat to the backrest of your tub. The simple push of a button before you begin your bath ensures the temperature on your back is warm and comfortable – and the entire experience is completely relaxing.  This feature is available as an upgrade to our Walk-In and Affinity product collections.

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While personal preference is always important, the style of your bathroom and home, and the way you will use your tub are also important when considering which tub shape will best suit your needs.

Is your home’s style contemporary or more traditional? Which would fit better in the space – oval or rectangle? Who will be the primary bather – or will there more often be two bathers? Consider all of these things as you think about shapes. Jetta bathtubs are available in Oval 



The most common tub shape for individual bathers, rectangular tubs feature bold, angular lines with generous bathing space. These are a popular choice for a secondary bath alcove or a master bath with decking where you drop-in or undermount.

For drop in and undermount projects, rectangle baths are often considered to be easier to install than their oval counterparts, but that is a matter of opinion.


Oval tubs with softer, smoother lines and a curved design, typically the oval shape means that the basin requires less water to fill than their rectangular counterparts.  Oval tubs can be available as a drop-in or undermount installation, as well as a timeless freestanding.

In the Oval vs. Rectangle debate - we suggest you try it out!

Bathing comfort is really a matter of personal preference!


Corner tubs are a popular choice among many builders and bathers as a great way to maximize space between vanities in a master bathroom. Many homeowners love the design that is often ideal for two bathers.

Corner tubs are more popular in some regions of the US than others, and are very common in master bathrooms with a separate shower.



Jetta bathtubs are manufactured with continuous cast acrylic.  What this means, is that we use a large, high quality sheet of acrylic and form it into the beautiful shape you select.  We then reinforce your bathtub with layers of fiberglass.  The structural strength of a Jetta bathtub is superior to the gel-coat options you may find in many other options.  This also means that plumbers love to install our tubs.  The minor scuffs you might create when installing a Jetta tub can be easily buffed out.  The same imperfection created when installing an entry price point gel-coat or stamped steel tub leaves lasting damage that can't be easily repaired.


Made from materials sourced from South Africa, DADOquartz is a variety of silica, which is mined, crushed, and formed with other natural minerals to create the unique DADOquartz material. With its exceptional hardness and longevity, it is used to manufacture perfectly crafted premium baths.





As we continuously expand and evolve our product selection to deliver what our customers tell us is important to them, the one thing that doesn’t change is our commitment to balancing uncompromising quality with customizable luxury. Whichever options you choose for your bathing experience, top quality always comes standard. 

Color | While white remains the most classic color option, Biscuit and Bone are other popular neutrals that are available from Jetta

Hydrotherapy | Turn your bathtub into a source for healing or a luxurious escape with soak, whirl, air, warm, and combo options.


Comfort |  Whether you need the reassurance of safety or the indulgence of a little extra luxury, you’ll find it with our selection of grab bars, inline heaters, pillows, and neck jets. 

  • Grab bars
  • Inline heaters
  • Pillows
  • Neck jets
  • JettaWarm

Chromatherapy & Aromatherapy | Create an ambient atmosphere with LED and mood lights or aromas in a variety of colors and options.

LED Lights
Mood Lights
Aromatherapy  |  Many healthy benefits related to aromatherapy


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We have a variety of waste and overflow options for you, from drain kits to waste and overflow. Shop our decorative overflow options today! 

Above the Floor Drain Kit - A smartly designed above-floor kit for all Cosmo tubs.

Affinity Linear Waste & Overflow - A sleek, modern design consistent with the Affinity line, the unique configuration of this waste & overflow allows you to fill the water level higher than a traditional rounded drain. Required for all Affinity models.

Cable Drive Waste & Overflow Options - This design’s cable drive system gives you the convenience of opening and closing the drain from the top of the overflow, making it easier to drain the deep bathing well. Suitable for most Jetta tubs in the Classic, Designer, Elite, and Advantage lines.


Some of the best products and smartest features in the Jetta line are the direct result of suggestions and feedback from our customers. Over the years, we’ve found that greater mutual success happens when we flip the typical business model around a bit: produce what our customers tell us they need, rather than telling our customers why they need what we produce.


That means everyone in every department is here to keep the promise we make to our customers: to deliver products made with premium quality, on time, and with a stress-free, pleasant customer experience included in every order.

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