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Your Guide to Jetta Tubs in the Year 2020

Just Starting Out

Bathtubs are sanctuaries of peace. A quiet place to relax and unwind. A necessary asset for your home in which to bathe and wash. Whether your bathtub is a sanctuary of tranquility, a place for healing, or simply a part of your daily routine, you deserve the best in hydrotherapy technology. You deserve Jetta.

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Here are a few thoughts to consider before you begin on the journey of choosing your perfect bath. Keep in mind that it’s OK not to know everything right now. This buyer’s guide will help to answer some of the questions you may have in order to find the bathtub that best fits YOU.

Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Why are you replacing your bath? Are you replacing an old bath? Remodeling your master bathroom? Building a new home? This will help you hone in on which bathtubs are right for you and your space! 

2. Who is the primary user? How tall is the primary user? Do they have any special space requirements? Will one or two people be using this bath? 

3. What is the purpose of the bath? How will you use it? Is your bath a soothing getaway? A daily soak? A respite for sore muscles? A place to clean children or pets? How you use your bathtub will help you decide what features you choose. 


Before you begin choosing the perfect bathing experience, you will want to determine which type of bathing installation best suits your needs. This is especially true if you are remodeling or replacing a bath, since existing plumbing or walls may dictate your bath’s dimensions, size, or installation type. 

Installation Types 

  • Alcove - An alcove bathtub is an excellent choice for many secondary bathrooms because of its easy installation and general fit with most bathroom designs. Alcove bathtubs also give homeowners an option of creating a tub-shower combination and their design naturally allows you to maximize a small space.

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  • Drop-In Tubs - Drop-in tubs are an acrylic shell, fitted inside a framed enclosure that's finished to match bathroom cabinets or tile. The enclosure is a separate item, so it can match your personal bathroom style and the style is a favorite for those who love to soak in deep water. While many alcove tubs do not include hydrotherapy options, drop-in tubs are known to be rich in hydrotherapy options.

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  • Freestanding - Freestanding tubs feature sleek lines and bold shapes, the pinnacle of form-follows-function design. Offering a clean, contemporary style while maximizing comfort, freestanding tubs feature deep bathing wells with angled backrests for unsurpassed relaxation.

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  • Undermount - One advantage of an undermount tub vs. a drop-in, is that when used in a tub/shower combination, the undermount design helps keep water in the tub and off your floor. This design also allows you to build a surrounding deck that aesthetically matches your bathroom in a very intentional way.

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  • Walk-in Tubs - Make a home improvement that’s also a life improvement. Jetta's assortment of walk-in baths include all the luxurious extras you need, and all the assurance you want, without all the fine print. Every walk-in tub we sell comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the shell, door, and door seal. Our tubs look great on the outside, plus they’re built with quality on the inside.

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Whether your bathtub is a sanctuary of tranquility, a place for healing, or simply a part of your daily routine, you deserve the best in hydrotherapy technology. You deserve Jetta. 

  • JettaSoak - A therapeutic soak will leave your body and mind feeling refreshed and cleansed. Available in all of Jetta’s product lines, this timeless hydrotherapy will renew and rejuvenate as you immerse yourself in the Jetta spa escape. 

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  • JettaWhirl - Whirlpool hydrotherapy works deep in your body’s tissues, relieving tight and sore muscles while promoting rejuvenation. Treat your back, shoulders, hips, legs and feet to strategic jet placement tailored to your relaxation preference. To customize your spa experience, select from rotating back jets, Jetta’s exclusive directional jets or the sleek look of our InvisiJet technology.

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  • JettaAir - The soothing experience of bathing in effervescent air bubbles calms the mind, relaxes nerves and quiets the entire body. Balanced air flow throughout maintains even pressure in all injectors, providing a supremely spa-like bathing experience with multiple modes to suit your every mood.

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  • JettaCombo - Recharge with dual hydrotherapy sensations as we combine JettaWhirl and JettaAir into a single spa experience. Their fusion provides a distinct bathing sensation when the invigorating whirlpool jet action merges with tingling bubbles in the air bath.

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  • JettaWarm - JettaWarm is a surface heating system that provides radiant heat on the backrest of your tub to give you maximum comfort even before you begin your bath. The push of a button before you begin raises your backrest to a relaxing temperature. The walk-in bathing experience has never been so comfortable!

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Bathtubs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and yours is no different! At Jetta all of our tubs are made with UV-resistant, high-impact acrylic. When deciding the shape of your tub, keep in my the style of your bathroom and place of residence. Would a traditional or contemporary bath be better suited? Would an oval or a rectangle tub “fit” better? Who is the primary bather? If two bathers will be bathing simultaneously, perhaps a corner tub would be best suited. 

  • Rectangle - The most common tub shapes, rectangular tubs feature bold, angular lines with ample bathing space. These types of tubs fit into a wall alcove easily, typically in a secondary bathroom or similar space. 

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  • Oval - Oval tubs feature the space of a rectangular tub with softer, smoother lines and a curved design.

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  • Corner - Designed specifically to accommodate corner spaces, corner tubs provide asymmetrical bathing for two bathers. 

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  • DADOQuartz - Our DADOQuartz Collection is imported from South Africa, and is sculpted from quartz. 

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At Jetta, we listen to YOU as we continue to make available more comfort and choices. We offer a variety of select hydrotherapies, as well as upgrades such as pillows and grab bars to customize your bathing experience. 

  • Color - While white remains the most classic color option, many Jetta baths are available in multiple colors.
    • Biscuit
    • Bone
    • Ice grey
    • Black
  • Hydrotherapy
    • JettaSoak
    • JettaWhirl
    • JettaAir
    • JettaCombo
    • JettaWarm
  • Chromatherapy
    • LED Lights
    • Mood Lights
  • Aromatherapy
    • Many healthy benefits related to aromatherapy
  • Comfort 
    • Grab bars
    • Inline heaters
    • Pillows
    • Neck jets
    • JettaWarm

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We have a variety of waste and overflow options for you, from drain kits to waste and overflow. Shop our decorative overflow options today! 

  • Above the Floor Drain Kit
  • Affinity Linear Waste & Overflow - 
  • Cable Drive Waste & Overflow Options -