FAQs | Your Bathtub Questions Answered


How do I clean the acrylic surface of my bathtub?

Use a soft cloth and liquid dishwashing detergent to clean the surface of the tub. A Magic Eraser works well on stubborn marks.

For an additional luster on your bath surface, you may use a high quality automotive wax recommended for plastic surfaces. Do not wax the floor as this may cause a slipping hazard. Light scratches and abrasions may be removed and the original gloss restored by using a light buffing compound. Using a damp cloth, rub in small circles until scratches or abrasions are gone and then wipe with a dry cloth until the original gloss is restored.

Repairs of any kind, if necessary, should be done by a qualified acrylic expert.

Can I use Epsom or bath salts, bubble bath or bath oils in my tub?

We do not recommend using salts with the whirlpool or air feature as the salt crystals may get stuck in the jets, air holes, plumbing lines or pump. Additionally, the acrylic may discolor due to use of bath salts.

We recommend using only bubble bath that is water soluble with the soaker hydrotherapy only so as not to leave a residue in the plumbing or air lines of your tub. We do not recommend using bubble bath or any oil-based bath products while your whirlpool or air system is in use. 

Why do I need to use mortar for support under the floor of the tub?

Mortar chemically cures to form a very hard compound that will adhere properly to a myriad of surfaces. This will provide the needed support to ensure that your tub performs as intended for years to come.

What type of drill bit should I use to drill the hole for my deck mounted faucet?

We recommend using a diamond tip hole saw to minimize chipping versus a saw with teeth.

What type of blade should be used to trim the skirt on my bathtub?

We recommend using a diamond or finishing blade with at least 36 carbide teeth. 


Why will my air blower not turn on?

The GFCI could be tripped. Confirm that the receptacle is working by plugging in a hairdryer or light. If the outlet is operational, unplug the blower from the GFCI outlet under your tub. Ensure that the black cable is securely fastened to the back of the keypad as well as the back side of the blower. The black cable needs to be plugged into the far right opening as you are facing the back of the blower. Look into the plug on the cable and confirm there are no bent pins inside the plug.  Plug the blower back into the GFCI outlet.  Reset the keypad by pressing and holding the top two buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.  If the reset was successful, all of the lights on the keypad should be off after the initialization sequence concludes.

How do I adjust the speed of the bubbles on my air tub?

The speed adjustment is located on your keypad.  Press and hold the + or – keys to increase or decrease the speed of the bubbles.

Why is my air blower not running at an even speed?

Jetta air tubs come standard with three modes.  Pressing the blower button on your keypad once will give you Continuous Mode.  Pressing the blower button twice will give you Pulse Mode.  Pressing the blower button three times will give you Wave Mode.

Why does my air blower turn on after I am out of the bath?

Jetta air tubs come equipped with an automatic purge or dry cycle.  This keeps the injector lines clean and dry.  The cycle is initiated automatically 20 minutes after use and has a cycle time of 2 minutes.

Should I run the purge cycle even if I do not use the air blower?

Yes. Jetta recommends that you turn the blower on then back off to set the purge cycle to ensure that the lines stay clean and dry.

What should I do if the light in my air tub will not turn on?

The light on air or combo tubs is operated by the keypad. Check to ensure that the gray cable coming from the back of the light cup is plugged into the middle outlet on the back of the blower.


How far from the tub can I mount the blower for my Freestanding air bath?

The blower should be mounted within 15 feet of the tub with less than 6 directional changes, In an area with some air flow and an ambient temperature of around 72° F. When making directional changes (if using PVC) the 90° turns should be made up of two 45° turns to prevent restriction of airflow. The blower should not be mounted in the cavity under the bathtub.  

Can PVC be used to connect the blower to the tub?

The tub will come with a 6' length of blower hose attached to the tub.   This connection should not be removed, but the blower hose can be cut in the center of one of the flat spots to create a length of hose to attach the PVC to the air output fitting on the blower.    The rest of the distance between the blower and the tub can be made up of 1" diameter PVC rigid or flex pipe.  When making 90 degree turns with PVC two 45 degree fittings should be used to prevent restriction of air flow.  Clamps should be used to secure blower hose at the connection points. 

Can blower hose be used to span the distance between the tub and the blower?

Your tub will come with a 6' section of blower hose attached to the tub. This connection shoud not be removed.  Additional lengths of blower hose can be purchased at the distributor location where the tub was purchased and attached to the existing length using a small section of flex pipe and 2 hose clamps. 

Can the tub be drilled for the blower hose to prevent concrete from being removed if the tub will be installed on a slab foundation?

A 2 ½” diameter hole can be carefully drilled under the following considerations.  

No holes can be drilled under the integrated linear overflow.  

A diamond tip hole saw should be used to minimize chipping.  

Take extra precautions to stop as soon as the saw clears the acrylic so none of the air plumbing is damaged. Jetta Corporation is not responsible for damaged air plumbing during the drilling process.  

Does the Freestanding Air blower location need a vent?

An air vent is necessary for the proper functioning of the blower. This vent should be 2” x 4” or larger.  

Should I leave a service access to the blower for my Freestanding air bath?

A minimum access of 22” x 18” is needed to properly reach all electrical components of the system.

How do I attach the blower hose to the blower in a Freestanding Air bath?

Use one 1” hose clamp to connect the blower hose to air output fitting on the blower.   

How do I secure the blower in place for my Freestanding Air bath?

The blower has four mounting points for use in sceuring to a wood surface like the floor of an attic or cabinet or on the shelf of a closet. The blower should not be mounted vertically on a sheetrock wall. 

Can I order additional or replacement electrical cables to connect the keypad cable to the blower?

Additional cables can be ordered through your distributor under Jetta part number 01-31-0514.