Luxury Brand

What would you name a luxury Jetta brand?

In 1981, Jetta was born to give everyone access to the healing power of hydrotherapy. We believe there is more to our product than its physical parts. The experience our customers have, both with our products and through our service, is just as important to us, and we are relentless in our pursuit of finding new ways to make them even better. 

At the founding of Jetta, bathtubs were primarily viewed as a commodity item, not a luxury. Many of our product designs have changed to meet elevated design and the technology of wellness. Now, we are taking the next step of introducing bathing products constructed of new materials; solid surface beauty and durability that last a lifetime.

Thank you for meeting with us in Dallas and Austin, where you generously poured out your expertise, ideas, and opinions to shape our luxury brand. Now, we carry you with us into product design. Your words, passion, and insights are driving the brand development. We compiled your input for our creative strategy team who then led us through a number of exercises to define the brand. Brainstorming produced many words and phrases that needed to be fine-tuned and focused. Sorted by product description, company description, or neither, our lists narrowed, and the brand personality began to emerge.



  • stylish
  • luxurious
  • elegant
  • beautiful
  • distinctive
  • functional design
  • stunning
  • indulgence
  • statement
  • evoke emotions
  • elevated self-care



  • the story of values
  • identity
  • designer brand
  • designer influenced
  • sophistication
  • quality
  • elevated
  • classic
  • investment

Help us select a name!

Our creative strategy team analyzed the brand descriptions to identify a brand name. We considered 32 names, narrowed the options down to four, and now we need your input. Which name would you choose for this new brand?

Luxury Brand Name