JettaWARM Heated Backrest for your Bathtub

You Won’t Have Warm Up To Up To This Bathtub. It Warms Up To You.
Gently heat the backrest of your tub before you bathe.

Available today on our Walk-in tub assortment and our Affinity collection


Introducing JettaWARM  JettaWarm is a surface heating system that provides radiant heat on the backrest of your tub to give you maximum comfort before you even begin your bath! Raise your backrest temperature at the push of a button. The bathing experience has never been so comfortable!

- Available as an upgrade to hydrotherapy options.

- JettaWARM system is secured beneath the acrylic in a blanket of insulation.*

- Activates in minutes, keeping bathers relaxed from the moment they enter the tub, especially beneficial to walk-in tub users who enter before the tub fills!


*A soaker tub has full backrest coverage, while a whirlpool or combo tub has a system designed to wrap around the hydrotherapy features and warm the back area of the acrylic where you need it.

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