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Your needs are the first consideration for every hydrotherapy we develop, every program we implement, every product we invest in.  Jetta team members spend each day asking questions, solving problems and investing in genuine relationships and daily striving to exceed your expectations. We do have our own goals here at Jetta, we can't achieve them without you.  It's #TheJettaWay

To Exceed your Expectations, we commit to do the heavy lifting to make your job easier.We celebrate your successes and do our part to make sure you grow and meet your goals.  

We also make and sell really great Bathtubs, and we deliver them when you need them.


We get High Marks for our Customer Service

We've worked for years to develop relationships that are unmatched in the industry.  We know you have a multitude of choices when it comes to bathtubs. We are set apart by more than product.

  • Our team works to make every transaction easy.
  • We go above and beyond every day to build the tubs you need, when you need them.

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Online Tools

Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to share Jetta's unique products value with your customers. Jetta U is meant for any Jetta partner, ranging from staff members at our showroom, distribution partners, sales and service team, and marketing and purchasing partners. JettaU is also perfect for builders, plumbers, designers, and other qualified wholesale partners.

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Earn valuable certifications
  • Expand product + industry knowledge

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Your Partner Portal  |  Online Support Tools

Self service is something our partners have asked for and we've been improving them steadily for years! When you need information or support, we've got you covered around the clock thanks to these online tools.  In your parter portal you can:

  • Check Order Status
  • Manage Your Dealer Locator Profile
  • Access All of your Pricing and Marketing Resources

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The Jetta Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to meet our standard lead times, that as a new customers we're willing to offer you a Jetta Guarantee.  For your first 90 days, if we fail to meet our standard lead time, you'll receive that tub for free.



Jetta's guarantee is made possible because of our innovative macturing process. We model our daily manufacturing efforts to anticipate what you need.

Most manufacturers have their facility set-up to run large volumes of a single item each day or week.  Our approach allows us to dramatically reduce lead times, even for tubs customized with hydrotherapy features. 

Because of our commitment to this promise, 80% of all standard orders that we receive are either already in inventory or already in productio


We're a full line bath distributor.  more content here...


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Image Here - Jetta Essentials Jetta essentials are the core products that are proven sellers, no matter where you are in the country.  For this reason- we are committed to keeping high inventory space dedicated to these essentials.  If you need these, you can rest assured, we have them and we will get them to you when you need them.

Your Pricing & Freight

We offer competitive pricing for all of our partners, 1-2 sentences here about that.

One great sentence about our standard Freight Program Information.  But a plug that we also collaborate with our partners to devise custom freight solutions & schedules...


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