Celebrating 40 Years

Celebrating 40 Years

Celebrating 40 Years

For us, 2021 is a celebration of the customers that support us and the Jetta team that has shaped our culture of nurturing relationships & exceeding expectations for 40 years. It's also a time to celebrate the bathtubs that brought us together!  Join us as we reflect on our past and look ahead what our future holds.

The story of Jetta began 40 years ago in 1981. In the infancy of Jetta, our founder actually began building this business as a Spa company, but used his resources to build his first whirlpool bathtub with the goal of using hydrotherapy to help a loved one through an illness.  And so the bathtub company was born.

Over the first 10 years, we gained a reputation as a leading provider of quality system tubs. By the late 80’s Jetta was a mainstay of the Oklahoma City new home construction market and became known as the “go-to” bathtub source for local builders, plumbers, and homeowners. 

You can read more about Jetta's 40 year history here

Fun fact:  In the late 80’s Jetta also developed a reputation locally for solid surface shower kits, countertops, and vanities in addition to bathtubs. Many homeowners throughout the state of Oklahoma still have Jetta solid surface counter tops in their homes. In fact, even though our organization shifted our focus solely to acrylic bathtubs and phased out solid surface offerings almost 15 years ago, we still get inquiries about that product today.  Dozens of employees at Jetta work each day from desks manufactured from Jetta Stone desks made more than 20 years ago! 

Over the last few decades Jetta’s acrylic bathtub market reach has continued to expand. Our tubs have been installed in countless homes across the country, we have employed hundreds of Oklahomans over the years, and we are proud to have partnered with specialty plumbing showroom locations across the nation who continue to sell our bathtubs and spread the Jetta legacy across the nation! 

When Dick Johns created his first whirlpool bathtub in 1981, his objective was to provide hydrotherapy for a family member in need, but his budding entrepreneurial spirit paved the way for the Jetta brand. In 2001, a group of local investors purchased Jetta, and their vision and expertise has grown our company into what it is today.

As we begin to celebrate this 40 year milestone, we are saddened to share the passing of Dick Johns in October of 2020, though His legacy lives on in our community. Mr. Johns remained a friend to Jetta and our community, and in true entrepreneurial fashion he went on to found another Oklahoma company focused on solid surface bathroom remodeling called Baths by Shay; our two organizations often still bring our products together to outfit bathrooms across the metro area.

As we continue celebrating our 40th year throughout 2021, we will give a voice to those who have played an important role in our success – our employees, customers, partners, and builders. 

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