Have you had customers ask you about cleaning a jetted tub? We can help!

Have you had customers ask you about cleaning a jetted tub? We can help!

Have you had customers ask you about cleaning a jetted tub? We can help!

Written by Christi Holmes, Director of Customer Experience

Many people who are considering purchasing a jetted tub have concerns about how sanitary they are and if they can be cleaned properly. The short answer is, when maintained properly, they are very sanitary and simple to clean thoroughly.

First and foremost, it’s important to note that jetted tubs should always be filled with clean, clear water or water-soluble products only, and bathing products such as salts or oils should be avoided, as they can cause corrosion.

While the acrylic surface of your tub is very durable, using the wrong products to clean it can cause damage. The ideal cleaning solution is simply warm water mixed with a small amount of mild dish soap, which you can apply with a soft cloth. However, if you choose to use a household cleaning product, just be sure to check labels for any that state they are not recommended for acrylic or plastic materials, and always stay away from solvent-based or acidic cleaners of any type. Acrylic tub surfaces are naturally very sleek and smooth, so abrasive cleaners are not necessary and, in fact, can leave scratches and other damage. But things do happen, of course, so if you do get a mark on your tub that’s a bit more stubborn, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pad works very well.

For tubs with jetted or whirlpool systems, a monthly cleaning of the lines will help keep your tub clean, sanitary, and functioning properly. To make the process simple, we offer Jetta Clean – a specialized system cleaner. Over time, residue from bathing products, natural body oils, and other environmental contaminants can build up and could eventually lead to problems within the system. Jetta Clean is a bio-film remover that breaks down contaminants and residue and leaves your tub and its plumbing system clean, sanitary, and functioning at its best.

At Jetta, we are here to make your bathing experience as relaxing as possible – and that includes the cleaning process! Using Jetta Clean for a thorough cleansing is as simple as filling your tub, pouring in four capfuls of product, running the jets for five minutes, and letting the cleaner work its magic. You will notice some foaming as the product does its job, which is a normal part of the process. If your tub occasionally needs an extra bit of cleaning, you can let the water sit in the system for 60 minutes, run the jets for one minute before draining, and refill the tub with fresh water to rinse the lines of any residual cleaner or debris.

In addition to cleaning, if you’re looking to restore a bit of the original shine to the surface of your tub, a high-quality automotive wax that is manufactured for use on plastic surfaces can be applied occasionally. Just be sure to follow product instructions for the appropriate amount to use and proper application process, and never use a wax product on the floor of the tub. The product can create a slippery surface, resulting in a safety hazard.

With just a few steps, you can keep your jetted tub in great shape for many years. As always, if you have any questions about your tub overall, or would like to purchase Jetta Clean for your tub, check with your local Jetta distributor or contact Jetta directly: call 1-800-288-7771, and press 1 for customer service.