Written by Sarah Fields, CEO

OK let’s all just acknowledge that the past two years don’t exactly have a lot of pleasant descriptive words associated with them. No shocking revelation there. But hear me out when I say the word I’ve come to associate with 2021 is opportunity.

There were so many opportunities for Jetta as a company – the largest part of them due to increased product demand nationwide. An opportunity to grow as a company is wonderful, but when you can see it as something bigger than just increased sales and profits, that’s when the real change happens.

Our team embraced 2021 as an opportunity to focus on two key things.

1. nurture new customer relationships and forge deeper ones with long-time partners, and 2. prove to ourselves and to you how well we can perform amid significant challenges and rapid growth.

I’m proud to say that I think we finished strong:
• 35% more tubs came out of our warehouse than in 2020
• Despite supply chain issues, orders were shipped in an average of just 10.5 days
• Product incidents stayed at a rate of less than 2%

Heading into 2022, we are focused on giving you every reason to consider Jetta your most consistent and reliable vendor. A few things you can expect from us this year:

• A commitment to keeping our lead times short
• New people on the Jetta team, increased manufacturing capacity, new manufacturing equipment and more trucks on the road
• An elevated customer experience that encourages two-way communication. (You’ll see more on that below)
• New product launches based on what you told us you want

Lastly … a new look and refreshed direction to our newsletter,The Splash. We hope you find it to be a helpful tool and a little bit of a bright spot in your day.