Kind words from our Customers

Kind words from our Customers

Kind words from our Customers

Written by Sarah Fields, CEO

One thing that makes Jetta special, is our set of values that uniquely define who we are as a company, how we treat people, and how we approach business.  One way we know we're doing that right, is when our annual Employee Appreciation notes result in countless thoughtful notes from our very own customers, telling us how we've been there for them.

Jetta can only be successful in fulfilling our promise to our customers when we have a team of individuals who collectively live out our values every day. We depend on our Jetta family to demonstrate our values in these ways, and we strive to live out these values within our team and with our customers.

We're here to keep the promises we make to our customers: to deliver quality products on time with a stress-free customer experience. That's an assurance with every interaction. 


As a Trusted Partner, each Jetta team member is reliable, we deliver on commitments to one another and focus on exceptional product quality and service. Being a trusted partner is a daily commitment we make to one another and to our customers.  

Jetta continues to work hard to provide us and our customers great products at the right time

It has been awesome to hear so many customers express how impressed they are with Jetta's products. We appreciate all you do!

Samuel M

Your team at Jetta far surpasses your competition in responsiveness & customer service, and when we have suggestions [like new tub styles] you listen!

You're truly an amazing group! Feel like you're family!

Mary S.


We are Relationship Driven, from the inside out. We build cooperative relationships with our colleagues and our customers to solve problems together. We listen attentively and ask questions. Asking questions allows us to be thoughtful, to take ownership and build a collaborative solution that will exceed your expectations.

Whenever we need anything [the Jetta team] works diligently to get it taken care of always with a great attitude and a smile you can hear through the telephone! ...Thanks for taking care of us so well and job well done!

Renee T

I have had the pleasure of working with Jetta for almost ten years. The employees are the culture of the company, as much as a "we can do it" company as you can find! The quality has always been top notch and the new designs and models keep Jetta ahead of the competition... 

Thank you for the care and loyalty you share with us.

Randy H


We are Invested in one another’s success.  Yours as well as ours.  At Jetta, we care genuinely care about the success of our colleagues, as well as our customers and partners.  Our customers often say to our service team by phone or email…  “We make a great team.” We agree 100%.

You all are absolutely amazing! Thanks to the operations team for always delivery a superior product on time that we can be assured our customers will love! Thanks to the customer service team for always helping us find solutions for our customers and answering all of our questions... Thanks to the leadership team for working with us directly to ensure that we can all be successful. Most of all, thanks to all of you for allowing us to feel like part of your “Jetta Family”.

Riley B

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to our mutual success.

You consistently rank among our best vendor partners. We appreciate all that you do to support us, and our mutual downstream customers!

Jay W.


We are Excellent, always. Inside Jetta we define this by committing that our high-quality work is admired by our team and our customers.  We approach each challenge with a can-do attitude and the result is that our customers are our biggest fans and dare we say… even our friends?

The Jetta team always comes through for us....... how do we count the ways?

Great customer support, they deliver our product in a timely manner. We appreciate the efforts of everyone at Jetta. We know your team must work really hard to make us look so good. Thanks Jetta.

Pam O

Thank you for being an Amazing Vendor! This year has been unlike anything any of us have ever experienced before, due to heath concerns, material shortages, freight issues...

The people at Jetta have outperformed most of our larger suppliers when it comes to meeting normal lead-times, quality standards, and communication. Basically Jetta has been the best when it comes to planning and execution. We greatly appreciate you!

John C