To Know You Is To Help You

To Know You Is To Help You

To Know You Is To Help You

Written by Sarah Fields, CEO

It’s a regular thing here at Jetta for the conversation to be focused on what we can do to build great relationships with and be a good partner to our customers.

Occasionally, though, we flip the script and ask our customers how our team can learn from them. After all, understanding your business and the way you do things helps us help you. So when a recent conversation with a customer led to a brainstorming session on creating an immersive training day for the Jetta team, we were all in.

Our partners at Moore Supply in Conroe, TX. enthusiastically welcomed the Jetta team for the day with a well-thought-out agenda full of experiences and learning opportunities that blew them away! They were flattered and grateful that a customer would put so much effort into planning a day for them. It was a great example of the mutual benefits of partnership – and its effects began to resonate with the team even before the training day arrived.

Throughout the session, our team learned about inside and outside sales as well as showroom sales and their warehouse team. They witnessed top notch interaction between the Moore Supply Conroe team and their customers and among the employees themselves. As they spent time behind the scenes, it became obvious that the Moore Supply Conroe secret sauce is their culture; specifically, how their culture drives the hiring process. The buzz in the air is a mix of constant action, happy customers, and fired-up employees, and it’s no wonder they’re doing great things.

Our team members came home full of knowledge, new ideas, action items and helpful feedback. But probably most importantly, they learned that when two companies share a culture focused on raising one another up and investing in mutual success, the real magic starts to happen.

We tip our hats to you, Moore Supply Conroe, and consider our business partnership with you one of our most successful. Not just because we’re both seeing revenues grow exponentially, but because the relationship is growing exponentially, too.

If you have feedback on how our relationship with you is working for your business, I would love to hear from you. Drop me a note here. 

Sarah Fields

President Jetta Corporation