Tried & True Values

Tried & True Values

Tried & True Values

Written by Sarah Fields, CEO

Lately I’ve been thinking about Jetta’s origin story and how much the ideas and passion of our founder, Dick Johns, still shape our business more than 40 years later.  

Johns was a natural-born problem solver so when his father became ill and needed help getting relief from pain and poor circulation, Johns was determined to find a solution. Hours of tinkering and experimenting in the garage led to the prototype for what would eventually become a whirlpool bathtub. Inspired by the therapeutic action of water that offered his dad a much-needed reprieve and intrigued with the wellness possibilities, Johns had the proverbial lightbulb moment – and Jetta was born.

Soon the company had a growing line of whirlpool bathtubs, with many of the designs created in collaboration with customers. Johns was on a mission to put a Jetta whirlpool bath in every house in his home state of Oklahoma. His plan to achieve that goal was simple: build a high-quality product, provide exceptional service, and build trusting relationships with the local builder community.  

production worker spraying foam insulation on a whirlpool bathtub

Spray foam insulation is applied to a Whirlpool bathtub to retain bathing temperature and protect the system components.

That vision still informs how we do business today. We innovate, grow, and adapt to the changes in our market with the values on which Johns laid the company’s foundation leading the way.

Revisiting this story, I had the realization that our expertise in hydrotherapy deserves a mention – especially in light of some recently added new options.

Nowhere are the lessons of our founder more evident than in the therapeutic solutions our walk-in bathtubs offer for aging-in-place customers. We recently introduced our dual zone whirlpool system that allows the customer to isolate whirlpool zones to just the lower legs or to invigorate the entire body. This provides someone with circulation challenges in the lower leg an easy way to get targeted relief.

As an avid outdoors adventurer, I must admit our new River hydrotherapy technology is one of my personal favorites. If you have ever enjoyed the gentle exhilaration of lying in a river on a warm summer’s day, you will love it too. We’ve created a way to mimic the sensation with soothing currents of water surrounding you in select Affinity bathtubs. It’s a great way to unwind at the end of the day!

water in a bathtub simulating the flow of a river

Affinity bathtubs feature a beautiful modern aesthetic and an array of hydrotherapy options. River and River Combo are available with the Porter bathtub.