What People Want To Know Most When Shopping Bathtubs

What People Want To Know Most When Shopping Bathtubs

What People Want To Know Most When Shopping Bathtubs

Written by Sarah Fields, CEO

Recently, we asked our customer service representatives which questions they are asked most frequently by customers in the showroom. They were happy to share – and we thought you might find the information helpful as well. Of course, we are always happy to answer your questions in person and would love to see you in the showroom any weekday! We are open from 9 to 5 and you can see and “try on” any of our available models.

Which style of tub is most popular: drop-ins or freestanding? It’s all based on your needs. If multiple hydrotherapy options are important, a drop-in is the more popular choice. Those that prefer a statement piece lean more to freestanding options; and since some freestanding options are available with our air hydrotherapy, it’s a win-win!

How long does the water temperature stay warm in a whirlpool tub? Jetta covers the backside of many of our whirlpool tubs with insulation. As hot water runs through the plumbing heat is captured by the insulation. The water temperature stays within two degrees of the original temperature for up to 30 minutes – a feature backed by Jetta’s Stay Hot Guarantee.

What is the difference between whirlpool and air systems? Whirlpool tubs have targeted water jet therapy that provides an invigorating deep-tissue massage to a specific area of the body. Some include flow-adjustable jets, allowing you to control the pressure of each jet individually. The water of a whirlpool tub flows horizontally under the level of the water. Conversely, JettaAir hydrotherapy injects air into the water at the lower portion of the tub, with bubbles traveling vertically as well as movement along the top of the water line. This delivers an effervescent tingling feeling all over your body for a soothing and relaxing experience.

What are the most popular free-standing tubs?

For an oval design, most people love the aesthetically pleasing look of the Halley (J85 or J86). With a soft and graceful design, it makes a statement as a beautiful centerpiece for your bathroom. For those who are more price-conscious, the Pandora is very popular and allows for deck-mounted faucets. And speaking of deck-mounted faucets … if you’re looking for a tub with this options, the Ophelia is a nice choice as well. 

If you prefer the look of a rectangular tub, the Celeste with its wide edge and great price point is a nice option. The thinner edge of the Vega creates a larger bathing well that’s able to accommodate two bathers (ooooo la la!). The Riley, another popular rectangular option, has a shelf that extends the full length of the back, supplying a ledge for faucet mounting. Lastly, if you really want to relax (and who doesn’t?), the Equinox has a very deep bathing well and comfortable arm rests, along with a wide edge for deck-mounting faucets (and perhaps a glass of wine…).

Are acrylic tubs durable? All Jetta bathtubs are manufactured with continuous cast acrylic. What this means is that we use a large, high-quality sheet of acrylic and form it into the beautiful shape you select. We then reinforce your bathtub with layers of fiberglass. The structural strength of a Jetta bathtub is superior to the gel-coat options you may find in many other bathtub brands. This also means that plumbers love to install our tubs. The minor scuffs you might create when installing a Jetta tub can be easily buffed out. The same imperfection created when installing a gel-coat or stamped-steel tub will leave lasting damage that can't be easily repaired.