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Jenna Tub

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71 x 32.5 x 19.5

From the earth of South Africa our unique DADOquartz collection echoes strength, beauty, and longevity. Of Celtic origin meaning "white wave", the Jenna bathtub is comfort epitomized. The contemporary design and delicate curves of this bathtub bring an elegance and grace to your bathroom while giving you an incompatible bathing experience.


  • Made of DADOquartz, an exceptionally hard and long lasting material.
  • The natural stone appearance and handcrafted finish ensure a smooth, luxurious surface
  • With high heat retention properties, your tub will heat up quickly and remain warm longer
  • Non porous material insures and easy to clean surface that is clean and hygienic
  • These void free structures are free of hairline cracks, and resistant to scratching, stains and abrasion
  • Matte White: 10SW107
  • Polished White: 10SG107
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

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