Good Things Don't Come Easy

Good Things Don't Come Easy

Good Things Don't Come Easy

Written by Sarah Fields, CEO

As I’ve visited with you, our customers, over the years, so many of you have told me that your favorite thing about Jetta is that we are easy to do business with. Of course, that can mean a lot of different things to different people, but one of the comments we hear most frequently is that you appreciate knowing you’re going to receive a high-quality product.

Making sure that we are consistent in our quality standards is a focus here at Jetta, with product inspections conducted along every step in the manufacturing and fulfillment process. As a result, we’re happy to say we can claim that less than 2% of our bathtubs ever have an issue.

Have you ever noticed how heavy our tubs are compared to other brands? There’s a reason! It’s because the thickness of acrylic and layers of fiberglass are both critical to the strength and structure of the tub – and we simply won’t cut corners on either.

Once the structure is built, every tub is filled with water and put through rigorous testing to make sure all systems are go. Then plumbing is foamed into place for added strength and security should any installers decide to use the plumbing as carrying handles (ahem).

Additionally, our J-series products are fully foam-insulated to keep the heat in the tub and the bathing experience at optimum.

And as a final check, we remove the protective film from the newly manufactured tub and inspect the surface inch by inch under bright LED lights. We want the acrylic surface in 100% pristine condition – and any scratch or blemish is buffed, polished, and cleaned away. Only then does the tub get packaged and sent your way.

Do we have to take all these extra steps? No. In fact, most other manufacturers don’t. But around here, we believe anything less is just …. well, it’s just scratching the surface.