Written by Sarah Fields, CEO

Normally this time of year, you are receiving a notification about our annual price increases. But, in keeping with everything else related to 2022, things this quarter are not normal. (Do we even remember what normal is?) The good news, however, is that this means no price increases for you! Throughout this year, we’ve all navigated through rapid inflation and all the things that come along with it. But for now, at least, material prices have stabilized, and we are excited to be able to bypass our usual January 1 price increases. Bring on the new year!

December is a time that many of us spend reflecting on all that we have accomplished over the year. And I realized as I began reflecting on the accomplishments of the Jetta team, that list is long. A few of the highlights:

Jetta was acquired by a great ownership group earlier this year.  Longwater Opportunities, a private equity firm with offices in Dallas, TX and Fargo, ND, is a like-minded partner in many ways and we are excited about the possibilities this relationship brings. Like Jetta, they are values- and culture-focused, and share our enthusiasm about the future of Jetta. We have in them a true partner with expertise and a passion for American manufacturing. I am incredibly excited and honored to lead Jetta with owners who are supportive, passionate, and committed to keeping Jetta front and center as a great company and a great place to work. The future is bright.   

In October we celebrated our team during employee appreciation week. We had fun activities all week, culminating in the grand finale of Jetta Olympics, an afternoon of fun and friendly team competition. We shared food, fellowship, and gifts of gratitude for our team. We remain thankful for what we believe is the best team in the industry.

2022 was a year of new business opportunities. While other vendors continue to struggle with product availability, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner with product available on time. Our service levels opened the door to several new business opportunities, and we were thrilled to step in and meet customers’ needs.  

Our customer experience team hit it out of the park this year. They are obsessed with great service and continue to raise the bar. Some of the benefits you can expect from them include:

·         One-on-one coaching hosted by Amy, our training guru. These personalized 20-minute sessions get you up to speed quickly on Jetta products and services and work as a great complement to our online video training at Jetta University.  

·         Shorter Response Times. Our new ticket system has heightened the visibility of your communication with us and improved our response times to calls and emails to 2 hours or less.    

·         Short Surveys that allow your voice to be heard were a new addition this year. The affirmations that we are meeting your needs are fabulous. We also love hearing where we need to improve, so please keep the comments coming.


We have been busy in 2022 introducing new products 

·         Skirted Tubs: Matthew and Bartley are the newest additions to our skirted tub line,

·         3-piece wall kit: an acrylic subway tile wall system designed to work perfectly with our Loft tubs.  

·         Walk-In Tubs: we updated our offering with pre-built packages and an easier ordering process. 

·         A new Walk-In tub website will be coming soon.  


Give us a call to learn more.  Our team loves talking with you about all the new products we have to offer.  

Lastly, the success of our business allows us to give back to our neighbors and friends in the community of Edmond, OK. Project 66 is our local food pantry and we have been honored to support them all year with birthday party kits for local children, and food drives for the holidays. Becky, our in-house baking expert, went the extra mile and baked dozens of homemade pies. Her generosity and kindness is inspiring to us all.  

 We have exciting things planned for 2023.  Expect to see new freestanding tubs, more shower bases, additional wall kits, and more. I can’t wait to share these with you next year!
Thank you for your continued support and partnership with all of us here at Jetta. We are committed to being your trusted vendor and your best partner and look forward to continuing our relationship with you in 2023.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.