To win in our marketplace, we focus on our workplace.

To win in our marketplace, we focus on our workplace.

To win in our marketplace, we focus on our workplace.

Jetta continues to be successful in fulfilling our promises to our customers despite pandemics and market uncertainty because we have a team of incredible individuals who collectively live out our values every day.  

August is employee appreciation season at Jetta, so this is a time where we take a moment to shine a light on our core values for our team, and for you!


“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace." This is a sentiment shared a few years ago by Mr. Conant, the former CEO of Campbell’s soup. It’s hard not to subscribe to the idea that only through our people can we win in any marketplace, and it is possibly truer today than it has ever been.  

What makes Jetta special is our set of core values that define who we are as a company, how we treat our people and our customers, and how we approach business. Jetta President Sarah Fields, along with the executive team has spent time and energy fostering a set of core values that make Jetta a great organization to WORK FOR and WORK WITH. And now, the team at Jetta has a hand in shaping and improving this culture year after year as we live these values and make certain that our most precious resource- our people, are valued.

We expect our team to live our values, and our customers share examples of these values back to us each year. It’s one way we celebrate our culture and our people, join us!

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As a Trusted Partner, each Jetta team member is reliable, we deliver on commitments to one another and focus on exceptional product quality and service. Being a trusted partner is a daily commitment we make to one another and to our customers.  

We are Relationship Driven, from the inside out. We build cooperative relationships with our colleagues and our customers to solve problems together. We listen attentively and ask questions. Asking questions allows us to be thoughtful, to take ownership and build a collaborative solution that will exceed your expectations.

We are Invested in one another’s success.  Yours as well as ours.  At Jetta, we care genuinely care about the success of our colleagues, as well as our customers and partners.  Our customers often say to our service team by phone or email…  “We make a great team.” We agree 100%.

We are Excellent, always. Inside Jetta we define this by committing that our high-quality work is admired by our team and our customers.  We approach each challenge with a can-do attitude and the result is that our customers are our biggest fans and dare we say… even our friends?

By aligning these values together, we achieve the #TheJettaWay.  The Jetta Way takes shape for each customer differently. Whether you trust Jetta for our product quality, our short lead times, our tailored logistic solutions, or our product development support- we value your trust.

Our mantra of Nurturing Relationships and Exceeding Expectations is part of our culture, our meetings, posted on signage and video monitors throughout our facility.  This is the essence of our core values that our team strives to live by each day.  There are many bathtub manufacturers, but none like Jetta.