Loft Marketing Tools

Loft Marketing Tools

Loft Marketing Tools

Modern design meets practical luxury in the Loft skirted soaker bathtub.

Introduced in 2016, Loft quickly became (and remains) a favorite among homeowners. The Jetta brand speaks to the quality of construction. The sleek, modern look of the flat-front skirt catches the designer's eye. The selection of sizes spans the need for a space-saving primary bath to a 60-inch secondary bath. 

Marketing assets designed to support you in local market success with this assortment include:

These PDF files were designed to help you communicate about the Loft items with your customers.  Choose the one(s) that suit your needs!  They are print quality if you need, or you can download and send to your customers as attachments.

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Introducing Jetta's newest member of the Loft series - the E118S Loft, a new alcove tub with the size you need and the price you want!

Visit our showroom today to see the modern alcove tub you've been looking for!