The Jetta Secret Sauce: Collaboration

The Jetta Secret Sauce: Collaboration

The Jetta Secret Sauce: Collaboration

Written by Sarah Fields, CEO

More and more of you are becoming aware of our new line of freestanding bathtubs and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re excited to be able to add a collection to our lineup that’s not only elegant and beautiful, but full of functional extras designed to marry luxury and simplicity.    

Our focus as your partner is always on creating customer-centric products developed through active engagement and communication every step of the way. So, if you see designs and features you told us were important suddenly show up, it’s because we listened!

The first – and perhaps most significant – improvement we made is something not seen on our bathtubs but in our price lists. We heard you when you asked for more competitive pricing in the rapidly changing freestanding tub space, and now, all new and existing Cosmo and Cosmo Plus tubs are priced lower. (Around 25% lower!) Don’t worry – the new lower prices do not come at the cost of quality. Strong relationships and collaboration with our many suppliers made it possible to achieve the desired price point at the same level of quality you know you can expect when you see the Jetta brand. 

Next, we wanted to address a big pain point for a lot of you: lost drains. Our newest models now come with factory-installed drains to eliminate that problem. And while we were eliminating things, we completely rethought the overflow plate too, replacing it with a sleek new minimalist overflow opening.

Air systems on freestanding tubs continue to grow in popularity, and we have improved our system by making it quieter and adding a floating remote control. Sounds pretty relaxing, doesn’t it? 
Customer collaboration is an extremely valuable compass for my team, guiding us to make informed decisions and prioritize features that truly matter to the consumer. We hope that our latest new products resonate with you.  
In addition to the launch of new freestanding tubs, we have also introduced several other products this year including shower bases, skirted tubs, wall kits, and drop-in tubs. 
As always, we welcome your feedback and ideas. We are currently working on our 2024 collection, and your feedback informs the the product development process.   

I welcome your comments! Email me anytime.