World Class Ranking

World Class Ranking

World Class Ranking

Jetta Ranks World Class

Our Net Promoter Score puts us in an elite class.

Written by Sarah Fields, CEO

Providing world-class service is more than just a nice extra we can offer our customers occasionally. To us, it’s such a critical factor in our business success, we have shaped one of our strategic initiatives around it. We call it Innovating our Customer Experience and it’s a focus for us all day, every day

Recently we hired an independent firm to evaluate and quantify how we’re doing in this focus, and to identify and create improvement benchmarks for any areas that were less than perfect. One of the key measurements we established was our Net Promotor Score (NPS). The Net Promotor Score is a customer loyalty metric. It identifies how likely a customer is to promote us to others and is calculated by subtracting unfavorable feedback from favorable feedback. Scores are based on a scale of -100 to +100, with a score of 0 considered normal. A score of 50 is considered excellent, and a score of 70 or more defines a business as – you guess it – world-class. Now I know you’re holding your breath wondering how Jetta did, so here goes: our Net Promotor score is 86! World-class status achieved!

Jetta net promoter score graph

When we read the results, I found myself speechless, immensely proud of my team … and insatiably curious about what I would find if I searched the NPS scores of other companies I admire for leading their industries in customer service. A few minutes on Google showed me that Jetta’s NPS score is higher than Starbucks, Amazon, and Apple! It just goes to show that by making customer-centric decisions, focusing on relationships, and building trust, a company of any size can be a world-class service expert.  

Beyond the number, what that score tells us is we are meeting your needs and the needs of your customers, that we can be trusted to consistently deliver a quality product, we are willing to adapt our business to the changing needs of the industry and our customers, and we are outperforming our competitors in product quality, availability, ease of doing business, training, and adding value to your business.  

While we celebrate this win, we do not consider it a goal achieved. This is an endless pursuit for us and now begins the work of taking that number even higher. One step we recently made toward that is adding a texting communication channel. When a quick question needs a quick answer, just text it to us at 405-696-4265 and you’ll have a response in five minutes or less.

We are so excited to be in partnership with you, working together to create a better experience across the board for everyone in our industry, from the contractors to the end users. If you have feedback on how we are doing with service or suggestions for how we can continue to improve, I’d love to hear from you, send me an email!